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Even Executive Pay Is Being Disrupted at Tech Giants Like Amazon

Sailing is one of CEO, Frank Glassner's, favorite sports and he uses it as a metaphor for this top executive compensation consulting firm.

We are an independently owned, nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in compensation plan design and governance guidance for executives, boards of directors and key employees—serving many of the nation's leading corporations since 1991.

Frank Glassner CEO, Newsletter on executive pay, compensation committees, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, board of directors pay


Improving the Way Boards, CEOs, and Shareholders Interact

Frank Glassner, CEO of Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants, offers free consultation on any executive compensation question.

Ask us any question regarding your current business compensation issues and we will respond immediately with a detailed, expert opinion.

We specialize in:

• Executive Compensation;

• Board of Directors Compensation and Governance;

• Incentive Compensation and Performance Management;

• Bankruptcy and Reorganization Compensation and Incentive Plans;

• Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services;

• Tax-Deferred Compensation Arrangements; and

• Surveys on Executive Compensation and Organizational Practices within Specialized Industries

Additionally we provide counsel on performance measurement selection and calibration; executive benefits and perquisites, including non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements, senior executive employment contracts, severance agreements, and change-in-control arrangements.

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